Hunamosa maintains family traditions

Feb 09, 2018

Tough first city win last night for Hunamosa. Affectionately known as George he was aided by a brilliant ride that earned his rider a new set of golf clubs.Ben Allen ensured he pocketed the favourite and then to get the first run which was vital in a head bobbing finish.I remembered his mother Golden Honey fighting in similar fashion on the same track around ten years earlier when knocking off an Oliver galloper in Banri Maeve.She won 5 from 17 and her son has managed to surpass her impressive record landing win number six last night.Same owners raced mum and bred this lad and we are ever grateful for their tremendous support.I've said it too many times but one more won't hurt,Ben Allen is going to be a multi championship winning hoop.He is confident,smart and supremely talented , this ride was exceptional truly exceptional.The team is rolling into great form after a season where running second was becoming the norm.Check out the photo , what a thrill for us to train for so many and equally for so many to enjoy the win on track.Great sport for young and old to be involved in , just get in touch and we will make the dream come true.