Our $500,000 girl

Feb 10, 2018

Seven years old and improving is the reality with Khutulun.Win number 8 from 43 starts but significantly her first in open company.It takes a good horseman to keep an older mare sweet and sound.The boss has achieved this time and again over the years and we at home wish he would shout his success from the roof tops.He is genuinely brilliant with older horses,mentally he works them out, sets their routine and then leaves them alone.Casual tweaks to routine and gear along the way and the results are in the book for all to see.For this mare the addition of blinkers late last prep has found improvement and her preps now run like a swiss watch.I won't bore you with the $16,000 purchase price, I will with how good a judge Peter Morley is who signed the sale docket.Time and again Pete sends one into us whether with Belhus or Grand and they just win.He leaves the training to Luke, rocks up from WA once a year and never interferes.His second in command Sam Lyons does a phenomenal job running Grand and two winners this week for a team that spend bugger all on their horses is a great return.

Last word to the super mare herself.She doesn't much care for a cuddle or attention.On open days she turns her back or kicks out at anyone silly enough to get close.From her very first run until today her owners have turned up in droves race day and supported her in great voice.Some of my best days at the races winning and losing have been with this girl and her lucky owners.Yolly singing the national anthem at the Queensland Oaks with 5000 people watching him in silence was amongst the best.Racing is of course primarily about winning but only fools or Black Caviar think that's happening every time.Friendships and memories run deep when you own a horse and when this group of owners are old and grey or sitting around their dinner table, what stories they will have to tell.

God Bless Khut , our warrior princess.