The relentless winner train keeps on chugging along

Mar 19, 2018

A day off from the races Saturday was welcome relief after a double header on Friday.The team went in different directions on Sunday and the Benalla crew landed the winner.Paris Reward was a local success for the connections led by her former trainer Emma Steel who we can't thank enough for entrusting her horses to our care.All arrived at Romsey sound and in the very best of order,all we needed to add was some polish.This mare has been a work in progress and a change of tactics was the key to the win.Daniel Moor made the call that we were to go forward and sit in the first half of the field and this proved the winning move.Dan is riding plenty for us both at the races and at home and it's paying dividends come race day.This mare can go on and win more races as she will gain a stack of confidence from the win.

Stable continues to build strong momentum and the staff are buzzing with the intake of new yearlings.They would represent the best crop  assembled by the boss both in terms of physical specimens and funds invested.We now just have to sell them , regular winners will help get the job done and the future has never been brighter.