A winner for one of our family

Mar 23, 2018

Tough people the Humphrey Clan. A fair amount of tough luck has been chucked their way  over the last 12 months,they have just picked it up and chucked it back. Horses are a welcome distraction, they deserve a stack of winners and we can only hope that's what heads their way over the next 12 months. On Friday the horse named after the Patriarch of the clan fought long and hard down the Terang straight to get his big grey head in front.The ever loved and under rated Jarod Fry never let It's Pa have a chance to think about the result, a treble on the day for one of the unsung hoops. Fair to say it's unlikely this horse will be a star but he has won his races and chances are he will win more.

Racing is a relentless grind decorated with spectacular highs along the way.If you keep pushing the results come and invariably so does the good horse. I hope more than anything Fred and Co get the chance to own and race the real good horse, very hard to find owners as loyal as these guys and they deserve to race a champion.