You know the drill

Apr 30, 2018

Time honoured routine.Take a truckload to Kyneton and count the cash. Why ? No idea at all . Whether it was from Caulfield or now Romsey the horses seem to love their trips to one of the most beautiful tracks in the state . It's a staggering 25% strike rate and if you backed them all to a $10 stake you are $659 in front. 

First leg of a stable double came courtesy of Pamela Joy owned by the ever loyal Humphrey family. 9 -2- 3- 2 reads the race record and she will thrive on wet tracks over the coming months, if it ever rains again. Good work by Fred to select her himself as a yearling and then an even better effort to name her after the better half in his life.

On the subject of well named horses Unshackled landed the second leg of the double. Both winners were ridden by Dale Smith who is making a decent fist of his comeback in the saddle. He had been spending his Saturdays sipping cappuccinos before uttering the "who'll give me what who'll start me where " mantra of the real estate crew. The way he timed his sweeping run on this lad he is a welcome return to the jockey ranks. Mick Price is no fool and has been a firm supporter of  Dale for many years . I suspect after his effort at the weekend you will see D Smith and L Oliver a fair few times on the form card.

Stable keeps on churning out the winners and three winners for the week is a decent old achievement . It all builds nicely to the Stable Open Day at Romsey this coming Sunday. It will be a ripping day and all are welcome . Just contact the stable and reserve your invite.