Traffic Cop another for the stable in the McPhee Silks

May 14, 2018

A week on from the victory of Jeparit and the pink and black silks saluted again for the stable. On a bog heavy track Traffic Cop finally landed the maiden he deserved under a smart ride by the King. Mr Callow is an old friend of the owners , by all accounts a miniature figurine that the King had commissioned sits on the owners desk . Judging by the stewards report from Saturday I don't think one is siting on Richie Lamings desk but we love Noel , he has been very good to us over the years. 

Every chance this horse now the maiden has been won will go on and win more races. He handled the very testing conditions and maybe he will make his mark through what could be a wet winter. The McPhees' breed winners , they race what they produce and do so with no fuss. We thank them for the loyal support and look forward to training many more winners in the distinctive silks .

Nine winners in the last 30 days for the stable is a pretty decent return . Romsey keeps on delivering and a big thank you to the fantastic team we have back home. No success without them , all working in harmony and we look set fair for the coming months.